• Alan B. Lancz & Associates, Inc. is a nationally recognized investment advisory firm that custom designs personalized portfolios for each client’s specific goals, objectives and risk tolerance.
  • ABL Asset Allocation utilizes a more active asset allocation methodology rather than the typical passive rebalancing approach. Same risk adverse, low cost strategy as our Money Management, with a focus on risk management.
  • LanczGlobal, LLC is an independent research entity that offers daily proprietary insights and reports on an exclusive basis to institutions, individuals and non-profits via LanczGlobal.com.

Money Management Update Second Quarter 2019

On June 3rd, after a significant sell-off in May that was beginning to look like what investors experienced last December, we wrote a research piece entitled “Everything Falling into Place”. This may have seemed strange after the U.S stock market faced six consecutive...
Money Management Update First Quarter 2019

Global & National Media Coverage

Alan B Lancz & Associates Inc - Fox Business Interview (7-14-2017)

Liz Claman, anchor of Fox Business' "Countdown To The Closing Bell" interviews Alan Lancz, President of Alan B. Lancz and Associates, Inc. and Director of Research at LanczGlobal.com, on new record highs in stocks and the opportunities in select energy and telecom now that recent speculative bargains, featured in Barron's (06/26/2017), have exceeded their buy limits.

Alan B. Lancz & Associates - Lancz Live from London (7/12/2010)

Live from London, Alan B. Lancz is asked to spend an hour on Worldwide Exchange with CNBC’s Guy Johnson covering the latest insights on BP, World Cup, European Bank Stress Tests, British Petroleum's oil spill and the economic recovery of the U.S.

Alan B. Lancz & Associates - Lancz Comments on Record Market Volatility (5/7/10)

CNBC asked Alan B. Lancz to join Squawk on the Street’s Mark Haines live from the New York Stock Exchange the morning after the “Flash Crash”. Here are the firm’s latest thoughts during such unprecedented intraday volatility.

Alan B. Lancz & Associates - Lancz Recommends High-Quality Stocks into Weakness(1/30/09)

LanczGlobal recommends buying high quality stocks into weakness and avoiding U.S Treasury bandwagon. Expects stocks to outperform bonds for 2009 and beyond.

Alan B. Lancz & Associates - Lancz's Recent Purchases into Panic Selling(11/28/08)

Amid panic selling, LanczGlobal initiates recommendations to take full advantage of low valuations and attractive yields of upper echelon companies.

Alan B. Lancz & Associates - Lancz's Words of Warnings(6/30/08)

LanczGlobal recommends avoiding emerging markets and financials while focusing on global leaders with solid dividends.

Alan B. Lancz & Associates - Lancz Advices Strategic Profit Taking (6/1/07)

Alan B. Lancz advises strategic profit taking and warns against chasing stocks on CNBC. The prior week on Bloomberg, Lancz stated a crash is likely if valuations continue to rise.

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